Zoey B Scheler


Zoey B Scheler (b.1989) is a ceramic artist working and living in Westchester, New York. She makes one of a kind, small scale, abstract ceramic sculptures out of white stoneware, colored porcelain, and other non-ceramic materials. Zoey attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she received her BFA with an emphasis in ceramics. Following her studies in Brooklyn she attended Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, obtaining her MSED in K-12 Art Education. In 2017, Zoey received her MFA from Purchase College SUNY where she was an Adjunct Art and Design Graduate Professor. Zoey is currently the Rittenberg resident artist at Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York, where she continues her studio practice as well as teaching ceramics to all ages of makers.

Artist Statement:

I am curious about the dynamic that can arise from humans observing and interacting with something smaller than themselves. Some of the most beautiful things in life are tiny; bigger is not always better.  I’m fascinated with miniature things, from Shih-tzus to micro-bacteria. My recent works are a series of intimate landscapes that morph between abstraction, place and figurative creatures.

My aim is to construct unique yet ambiguous worlds with every piece. Each work maintains its formal singular identity while affecting a dialogue within a serial network. One should explore each surface treatment like an alien surveyor. By making such small objects I am driving the audience to look and enter very intimate spaces, where close looking is essential.

Zoey B Scheler can be reached by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required