Entries by Zoey B Scheler

Commissioned Cereal Bowls

Here is a commissioned set of black and white cereal bowls. They are fully glazed inside while having varying finishes on the outside, giving the bowls a wonderful texture and feeling in your hands. I may or may not have had to much fun photographing these 🙂

Grape Bowls

It is always exciting to see my work in its new home. Here are some grape bowls I was commissioned to do. They are photographed in their current home, displayed among other beautiful home decor.

Commissioned Vase

Here is an example of a commissioned vase. I was asked to follow the form and size of the white vase depicted on the left. They asked that I use the black and white pattern I have recently been exploring to embellish the piece.

Sassy Lassy

This is a watercolor illustration I was commissioned to do for a new winery. The winery is called “Catriona Cellars” and is located in Monument, CO. The label was made specifically for a light red wine, with hints of raspberry called “Sassy Lassy.”